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The concluding four essays deal with literary texts by Maksim Gor'kii, Vladimir Maiakovskii, and Nikolai Agnivtsev, though the theme of money is central to the essay on Gor'kii and crops up again in the essay entitled "Maiakovskii Against Futurism.

The khans themselves adhered to their traditional beliefs, Shamanism and, according to at least one source, of Tengri, the monotheistic pre-Islamic religion of the Turks. The author frequently puts the cart before the horse.

If the "Four Freedoms" cease to apply uniformly, they may cease to exist alltogether. Cultural and educational developments are neglected while intellectual life is discussed only in relation to politics, but the Roman Catholic Church's role is well described and she does not shy away from noting the strength of anti-Semitism over the century.

During alone,Russian settlers came to the Altai region, taking land that had been declared "excess. It was the Zoroastrian Persians. It ought to be inconceivable that in this modern era, and in the face of experience, any nation could be so foolish and ruthless as to run the risk of plunging the whole world into war by invading and violating, in contravention of solemn treaties, the territory of other nations that have done them no real harm and are too weak to protect themselves adequately.

Having served as the deputy Commissar of Nationalities, as Stalin's assistant, Sultangaliev was well aware of Bolshevik methods and means of control. The Turkistan National Liberation Movement was a reaction not only to conscription, but to the tsarist conquest itself and the policies employed by the tsarist state in that region.

In this manner, the rulers also wished to preserve the history of their reigns. Timur, a Turk of the Barlas clan used Chinggizid legitimacy, even taking a Mongol wife.

The dialect currently spoken in the Altai region is related to old Orkhon and Uygur. Schimmel remains the most reliable, and sympathetic, source available in English.

Bashkurdistan had declared territorial autonomy in January of ; the Tatars also took matters in hand in forming their autonomous region. Later, Gorbachev warmly praised the armed forces for keeping order and warned the Soviet media not to engage in anti- Army propaganda.

Islamic period works of various courts reflected the retention of traditional values. According to Barthold, this day was decisive in determining that Central Asia would be Turkish rather than Chinese. The members of the steppe societies remained beyond the Islamic lands, and entered into the Islamic world almost exclusively as individuals, as military bondsmen, or mamluks.

The majority and the most influential of the Basmachi groups founded after did not at all follow the Koroglu tradition, but were composed of serious village leadership and sometimes the educated.

Since the tsarist military occupation of Central Asia, one of the inflexible Russian policies was the imposition of limits on printed material in Central Asian dialects by Central Asian authorship.

Such thoughts prompted the Germans to throw off the yoke; and they have only a river, not the ocean, to shield them. However, the movement also served the colonial powers well.

They embellished the cultural imperialism policies of the tsarists and used a firmer hand. Central Asians, like other non- Russians, have been interested in economic justice and greater autonomy in their internal affairs.

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Das Resultat ist rechtlich nicht bindend. The Central Asian respondent did not know the true motivation for the outsiders' curiosity.

As one result, the rote system in use sapped the vitality of original thinking and calcified what remained. The unsuspecting Britons spoke of such novelties as 'civilization,' when in fact they were only a feature of their enslavement.

It is inconceivable that Moscow would not 28 have anticipated a Tajik response. The ostensible reason, of course, is going to be the "protection of Russians" in "those" territories. The Rus were but one of their vassals. Shortened life expectancy plagues all Central Asian republics.

Baymirza Hayit Festschrift, Prof. Two days "at the barricades" during Augustaround the Russian Federation Parliament, is not likely to transform and "democratize" the deeply autocratic experiences of the Russian tradition.

Silk Road Mystery

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Poland: A Modern Historyby Anita Pramowska

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