Does thin client have a future

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Thin Clients Are the Future

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Mar 25,  · A thick client would be a regular laptop or desktop, running a standard OS and the software client. These clients of course are the most expensive to run and maintain.

Why would I want a thin or zero client? What is the difference between a thick and thin client?

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Fat Future for Thin Client?

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A thin client is a networked computer with few locally stored programs and a heavy dependence on network resources. It may have very limited resources of its own, perhaps operating without auxiliary drives, CD-R/W/DVD drives or even software applications.

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Mobile thin clients have a bright future in the cloud era Mobile thin clients could offer the best of both worlds for the enterprise: the convenience of a mobile device, with the functions of a desktop PC -- for a fraction of the cost.

Welcome to a future-focused desktop thin client experience. HP t Thin Client features. Security. Multiple Ports. Connectivity.

Protection against system threats. Security and performance go hand in hand with newly designed embedded operating systems and Trusted Platform Module hardware.

Virtualized cloud computing ensures against system threats.

The Next Generation Thin Client Will Arrive May 2018 Does thin client have a future
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Mobile thin clients have a bright future in the cloud era